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Five9 Website

Please note that the above link leads to my development copy of the site, meaning there may be bugs and some missing pages, consequence of the fact that this site is still in development and is not yet ready for deployment.

Tools Used

Sketch 3

I used Sketch to create all of my design mockups for the redesign.


You can't have a website without HTML!


I used the Ruby gem Sass to create my CSS stylesheets, allowing me to include advanced styling functionality like nested styles.

JavaScript + JQuery

Functionality and dynamic content were made possible by our Lord and Savior, JQuery.


In development, I used PHP to "templatize" the design into discrete blocks of code that could be invoked whenever needed on a particular page. Nothing fancy, but definitely efficient.


Five9 uses the CrownPeak CMS, based on the .NET framework, to build and host the content of their site.


To test the effectiveness of the new design for raising conversion rates, we A/B tested in VWO. Our variation won!