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Spots Website & App Design

Home-sharing startup Spots was looking for an app design that was unique yet intuitive, playful yet professional, and engaging yet functionally robust. As lead UX designer, I worked with both the development and business sides of the app to create a seamless user flow. In addition to design work, I also set up the Agile framework Scrum (using Jira) to help the team better manage development tasks.

Tools Used

Sketch 3

I used Sketch to create all of my design mockups.

Hype 3.5

I used Hype to create the HTML5 animation at the top of the page, which is playable on mobile browsers as well (unlike Flash!).


You can't have a website without HTML!


I used the Ruby gem Sass to create my CSS stylesheets, allowing me to include advanced styling functionality like nested styles.

JavaScript + JQuery

Functionality and dynamic content were made possible by our Lord and Savior, JQuery.

Google Maps API

The Google Maps JavaScript API is used for that nifty little "Let Us Find It For You" box at the bottom of the homepage.


PHP is used to handle the forms.


Our team used Jira (connected to Bitbucket) for managing development with an Agile methodology — release cycles, sprints, and task breakdown.